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When Bentham's restaurant opened in Grand Rapids, customers who didn't have the money could exchange muskrat fur for a meal. While those days are gone, but not forgotten, people from the Grand Rapids area visited Fables Restaurant for fried onion rings and the last of the three eateries that closed in 2000.

If you're looking for a steaming bowl of noodles, Ginza Sushi & Ramen has a property and culinary options. This new restaurant offers everything you could imagine in a sushi roll and is a welcome addition to the streets of Michigan. With a menu of sushi rolls, ramen noodles and a host of other dishes, Ginza's menu is perfect to take away.

The extensive menu includes a wide selection of cosy appetizers and the sheltered courtyard is a delight for all guests. The restaurant offers a wide selection of food and a wide selection of wines and beers.

Whether you choose to sit down at the long tables where you can meet friends or take a walk on the terrace for dinner with colleagues, Founders is sure to have a lot of fun. Grab a meal and head to the outdoor seating area, which offers a wide selection of food and drinks and great views of Port Austin. You can appreciate Portaustin's small-town charm when you go out on the terraces to choose from the large menu, which includes options such as sea bass and filet mignon. While you enjoy seating in the courtyard like a rattlesnake, you should take a break from the hustle and bustle with a glass of wine or beer.

After dinner, you might want to stay a little longer and sunbathe in the view, but not!

Admire the Strait of Mackinac while enjoying a meal on this popular island of Mackinsac, which offers some of the most beautiful terrace views in the state. This cosy rustic restaurant offers beautiful views of Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes from the shores of Bostwick Lake. Come for dinner with a beautiful fireplace that offers outdoor seating all year round.

Located in the Chippewa Hotel, the hotel offers a lot of food and drinks to keep you coming back. The sounds of traditional Irish tunes in this pub only add to the charming experience you will experience at the Curragh. Don't forget to order a glass of wine if you fancy a grown-up drink. A space that welcomes guests of all backgrounds and celebrates the diversity that makes Grand Rapids unique.

Wildroast brings a sophisticated café ambience to Grandville, offering a wide selection of coffee, tea, wine and food, as well as a full bar. They source their coffee from the region by buying beans from the company that also works with the MadCap and Moo-ville farms. Dan Vos Construction strives to serve people and improve lives while maintaining a high level of integrity and respect for the environment and the people they serve.

This casual bar and grill offers burgers, pizza, seafood and more, and features outdoor seating. Your taste buds will be in heaven as you settle on your classic BLT sandwich or gaze at its delicious ribs of seafood.

The butcher says the new location will be a year-round operation and the owners plan to maintain the same menus and menu items as the original Silver Lake Chicken Shack. Away from its original location in Grandville, owner Kris Spaulding says the brewery and restaurant hopes to open a new bar in Kentwood sometime this spring. Eventually, it will also move to the former site of the now closed Blackbird Cafe on Grand River Avenue. Those who are fed up with coffee need more reason to eat and drink the creations created by the talented team at Vivant Brewery.

The menu items will be the same as the original Silver Lake Chicken Shack in Grandville, but with a few changes. The menu includes fried chicken, burgers, salads, sandwiches and much more - gluten-free.

If you are vegan, you can get a taste of pastries by tasting the sweets while working in the neighborhood cafe. The main course, a handmade European dessert, is satisfying and tops the list of my favorite desserts in Grandville and the entire state of Michigan.

This high-end Flat River restaurant offers seating and some of the Gilmore Collection's favorite dishes, including wood-fired pizza and seafood. The restaurant bar offers a wide range of sandwiches, wood-fired pizza, seafood and more. This restaurant is growing in popularity in Grandville, leading to plans to branch out into other neighborhoods such as Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor and Grand Haven, "said John Gilmore, co-owner of Gilmore's Collection.

Bentham's closed last year after more than 30 years at Chris Steak House, which is roughly the same location. Butcher said post-pandemic, the owners hope to have 180 seats in Billy Bones in Grandville and have a terrace that can seat 60-80. The Silver Lake restaurant could accommodate 450 people during the pandemics and has a full bar and live music, he said.

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