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A new heavy rock festival is coming to Grand Rapids' Belknap Park, supported by producers from Lansing, Wisconsin. The Upheaval Festival is scheduled for July 17-18, and the line-up of the four bands has not yet been announced.

The faculty is led by the band's co-founder and guitarist Jake "Buck" Schreiber and includes members like J.D. and Mikey as well as some other members. The band recently released their latest album Coyote Stories on the Brewing Company Records label, in conjunction with the release of their first album in five years.

The West Michigan Local Spins were awarded three prizes this year, awarded by the Michigan Music Awards for best local band of the year, best band in the state of Michigan and best songwriting.

He has been teaching music since he opened Joyful Sounds Music Studio in Grand Rapids in 2008. Although he no longer teaches violin privately, he continues to play and enjoys teaching and performing with his band Beat the Beat. He has taught Suzuki violin for over 30 years and has taught hundreds of children, including famous violinists like John F. Kennedy Jr. and John Travolta.

He has performed his original music and children's music in the USA and Canada and has also taught at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and other schools in Michigan and around the world.

He has also been an active member of the Grandville Community School District's art advisory board for the past decade. While working every day to ensure equal artistic opportunities, Josh also teaches afternoon programs for children and youth in the community and teaches at the University of Michigan.

I will always remember getting on a huge bus to hear the Chicago Symphony Orchestra play and having my sister and friends play with me. I remember the trips we took with the Youth Symphony to rehearsals for the Detroit Symphony and I have fond memories of playing with my sisters and my friends.

I played tuba in a band with the GR Jr. Symphony and was immediately impressed by Dan's performance style. Although I knew I wasn't the best musician in the group I enjoyed every minute of it. I was lucky enough to land in Grand Rapids and had the opportunity to work with Dan as a student at a clinic he was hosting in Grand Valley.

As I got older, I became more serious about becoming a flute player and received my Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance from the University of Cincinnati College of Music Conservatory in 2005. I finished my music studies at CMU, taught music for a few years only and then went into public administration for the rest of my career. Growing up I remember my father playing the tuba, in the Grand Rapids Jr. Symphony and the West Michigan Jazz Orchestra. The ladies in music couldn't be better at doubling my playing time and exposing me to many genres of Western Michigan jazz.

I # ve known each other since 1973 and have worked with the Grand Rapids Jazz Orchestra, the West Michigan Jazz Orchestra, and I have been a soloist and guest conductor for all of these groups. I know and play with many of the best jazz musicians in Michigan State and around the world. We had the pleasure of playing with and playing with many great musicians from the United States and Canada and Europe.

For fifteen years Joshua Dunigan has used his love of world music to teach and perform Afro-Cuban and Latin American percussion for adult classes and public school students. Josh has embedded traditional Cuban, Brazilian and Andean rhythms in a wide range of styles, from jazz, classical, folk, blues and jazz. I can still hear many of his words and silly jokes and see him in his plaid performance jacket rowing his trumpet while canoeing with the jazz band he was playing in. Through his teaching, the better music that Professor Kovats instilled in him has been transferred to many secondary schools.

I had the pleasure of performing with him for several years with the Grand Rapids Symphony. Dan has played in many different bands, from jazz to blues, folk, country to rock'n "roll. While indie rock dominates the big Rapids music scene, his band stands out with its unique blend of blues, jazz, folk, rock and country.

Pond Jam is open to musicians and vendors who apply for performances and sales of the Rapid City festival (registration now online). Grand Rapids is a culture shock for the East Siberian native, but he has been playing in the city for more than 20 years after playing at venues including Grand Valley State University, the University of Michigan and the Michigan Center for the Arts.

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